I will give the best roofing advice Hammond and Baton Rouge I can. Choosing the perfect new roof for your Hammond home will involve the help of a local trusted roofer once you decide which roof style best suits your personal preferences without breaking your budget. Your roofing contractor will explain which styles are best for your location, but the visual appearance and the extra space created with certain roofing types will be big factors in your decision.  

Roofing Advice Hammond
Different Roof Types

Roofing Advice Hammond: Major Roofing Styles

  1. Shed Roof – Also known as a skillion or lean-to roof, these utilize a single slope and are often used on barns and outdoor buildings. Great on small back yard often found in Baton Rouge. Construction costs are minimized but the lower wall height can be too low if the pitch is too high. Solar panels work well on these roofs.
  2. Flat Roof – Not truly flat but constructed with only a slight pitch to allow runoff, flat roofs are simple and less expensive to construct than pitched roofs while providing lots of extra outdoor space above the home. This is seen in many older sections of Hammond and Covington mainly being porches. They are more prone to leakage and increased maintenance costs, however.
  3. Gable Roof – The most popular design easily recognized by its triangular shape. Construction costs are lower than other styles and attic space and ventilation are very good. Proper construction must be used, particularly in high wind areas where these roofs are prone to damage. South of I12 from Baton Rouge to Slidell should take extra precautions.
  4. Hip Roof – Slopes on all four sides as opposed to two differentiate hip roofs from gable roofs. They offer excellent stability and wind resistance but come at a higher construction cost than simpler styles. Pyramid roofs are a type of hip roof where all four sides meet in a point at the top. This is a great starter home for any Mandeville or Denham Springs younger couples.
  5. Gambrel Roof – A gambrel roof has two pitches on each side, the lower pitch being much steeper than the upper. These are excellent for creating usable living space but not recommended in areas with heavy winds or snowfall. These are great back yard barns for tight back yards found all over Baton Rouge.
  6. Mansard Roof – Similar to the gambrel style, mansard roofs have two pitches on each side of the roof but have four separate sides. Roof construction costs tend to be higher but are often offset by the increased value created through the additional living and/or storage space as well as aesthetic appeal.
  7. Jerkinhead Roof – Aspects of both hip and gable styles make these roofs very stable and attractive but you’ll pay more in construction costs.
  8. Saltbox Roof – With one side constructed at a greater pitch than the other, these offer a unique style suitable for heavy rainfall.
  9. Curved Roof – Similar to a shed roof but with a curved design particularly appropriate for metal roofing material. These can be used over an entire home or a smaller section, such as a porch. Makes a great Saturday afternoon LSU outdoor kitchen area for your Baton Rouge home on Tiger day.
  10. Dome Roof – The unique inverted bowl design of dome roofs is considered very attractive by many and offers excellent durability, but construction can be complex and expensive. You just don’t see this roof type in Denham Springs and Hammond very often.
  11. Butterfly Roof – Popular in eco-friendly homes due to the ease of rainwater collection, these roofs utilize a V-shaped design.
  12. Complex and Unusual Roof Styles – Complex roofing styles combine aspects of any of the above roofs to create a unique home. Less common roofing styles include sawtooth and bonnet roofs, appropriate only in specific circumstances.


Roofing Advice Hammond: Work With a Local Trusted Roofer

When you are ready to hire a Hammond roofing company to construct your new roof, be sure to look for a local trusted roofer with excellent customer testimonials and exceptional customer service. A new roof is a big investment that will reward you with comfort, lower utility bills, and more.  My best roofing advice Hammond is start with the Better Business Bureau and look for a contractor with an A rating and you will be in good hands.  

Roofing Advice Hammond
Flat Roof

Best Reasons To Buy A New Metal Roof

As metal roofing grows rapidly, 400% just in the past decade, think about a new metal roof when it’s time for your next roof. Metal roofs have come a long way over the past ten to fifteen years, better warranties on color, better long life screws and just better metal. Metal roofing panels hold their color better now than ever, now with a 40 year warranty against fading you don’t have to worry about your new roof looking bad in ten to twelve years like they did just a couple decades ago. The new metal fasteners or screws have also come far with better warranties. The long life metal screw has a metal grommet covering the rubber washer and gives it a much longer lifespan. Easy to install and designed for strength, the residential metal panel is the most economical as well as most commonly installed metal roof. A 3/4″ ribs with 36″ coverage on nine inch centers plus anti-siphoning channels gives added protection from severe weather conditions.