In Hammond roofing systems you have very popular to seldom seen roofs. The hip and gable roofing systems are seen all over Hammond, Baton Rouge, Mandeville and Covington however the curved and jerkinhead are rarities. I have added an image of each of the curved and jerkinhead roofing systems thinking many people that read this may not have any idea what they look like. These two roofs are so seldom seen there is no real reason for the average person to know what they are or how they look.

Hammond Roofing Systems: Rare Roofing types

The benefit of a Jerkinhead roofing system is that it brings together elements of hip and gable roofs, which offers many benefits. It offers better stability than a gable roof, and is far more resistant to wind which is very important in the hurricane prone Hammond area. This roof improves on the hip roof by offering more space, as well as improved reinforcement. They also have a unique look that many people appreciate, along with the other practical benefits. These features make the jerkinhead roof a very practical roofing system for the Hammond area even though you don’t see it every day.

Hammond Roofing Systems
Jerkin head Roofing System

The curved roof has curved planes, offering a creative, modern look that can be greatly varied. Choose from a slight curve in the roof or consider a more drastic curve that provides an arch shape. This is a great choice if you’re looking for a unique look, and these roofs can be customized to perform well in the region you live in for the best results. However, the cost of this type of roof can vary greatly depending on the exact design chosen and its complexity.

Hammond Roofing Systems:

Of course, these are only a few of the best roof types available for your Hammond home. If you’re considering a new roof, talk to your local, trusted roofing company to learn more about the best options for your home. Cost, feature, function and durability are just a few of the overall things to keep in mind when building your new Hammond home. Get advice from your roofer on his ideas of the best roofing systems for you. Call me anytime or visit our website at for more information.

Hammond Roofing Systems
Curved Roofing System

Metal to Flat Roof Restoration System

If you have a metal roof or a flat roof another great system is roof restoration. I have seen many metal roofs that were just rusty and looked bad. Another common problem with a metal roof is needing to have the screws replaced. You can use the Conklin MR waterproofing system and restore the ugly rusty metal roof to a new looking roof with a good E rating. With the Conklin roofing system you can save money by not replacing your roof, get a better E rating saving you money on your energy bill and have a great looking roof.