Lets discuss Baton Rouge roof problems before and after the install today. I will give a handful of roofing related problems I have seen over the years of roofing in Baton Rouge, Hammond, Mandeville, Covington and Slidell. Pretty much no matter where you live in the southeast parts of Louisiana your roofing issues will be about the same.

Baton Rouge roof problems
Raised Rafter

Baton Rouge Roof Problems: Common Before and After Roofing Issues

Lets talk a minute about before your roofing job starts. Things you should look for and things your Baton Rouge roofer should point out. One thing that comes up all the time are high spots in the deck. A few things that can bring on roof decking issues are weak decking or thin decking. In the pursuit to keep cost down in this modern day a cheeper version of plywood is used. OSB or oriented strand board is a very common product in new roofs for the cost point they bring to the table. There are in all fairness some benefits other than just cost to OSB decking. You will not see knots in OSB like you will in plywood for roof decking. OSB is also easy to work with, it saws easy as well as being able to drill it, sand, file, glue or paint it. If you sags or humps in your deck it’s a good chance it’s OSB and it has gotten wet. In humid situations OSB just does not compare to plywood when wet. If your roofer gets your new roof on fast and uses synthetic felt the deck should never get wet. One other situation that will make OSB hump up or sag between rafters is improper ventilation of your attic. Improper ventilation will cause build up of moisture in your attic and over time warp your roofs decking and give you that sump and hump in your roof.

Baton Rouge Roof Problems: Pluses to Plywood

One very important plus to plywood is it’s ability to handle moisture better than OSB. You can see sump and humps in any roof decking whether your in Denham Springs, Hammond, Mandeville or Covington, the heat and humidity is so bad if all your roofing system is not done well you could have problems. Ask your local roofer before your reroof project starts to walk around your home, look at all aspects of the roofing job to be done and explain how he will handle the job. One thing to keep in mind no shingle three tab or architectural will hide sums and humps in a roof deck. If imperfections in your deck will bother you after the job get a price to replace the affected sheets of decking so your completely happy with your new roof.

Baton Rouge roof problems
Sumped Decking