With decades of experience in roofing and construction, Chuck Magee has re-roofed and remodeled thousands of homes in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and Oklahoma. His vast construction knowledge has made both him and his roofing company, Roof Crafters LLC, trusted experts in crafting quality roofs that are designed for this region’s particular needs and popular roof styles. With a specific focus on Baton Rouge and the surrounding communities of Hammond, Covington, Mandeville and Slidell, Denham Springs and Walker. Chuck Magee has completed roofing projects from Denham Springs, Louisiana to McComb, Mississippi.

Chuck Magee
Chuck Magee

Chuck Magee: Construction and Roofing Expert

As a roofing consultant, Chuck Magee uses his personal experience and expert knowledge in the industry to assist clients with their roofing projects. His websites serve as a launching point for providing educational and practical content to Louisiana residents embarking on a new roof installation or the re-roofing of an existing building. Helping clients through the roofing process, he provides valuable knowledge on what to expect at the start of a new project, common problems that can occur during a new roof installation, and issues to look for when the roofing project is complete.

Chuck Magee’s extensive local experience also makes him aware of issues that are unique to homes and roofs in the Baton Rouge to Slidell Louisiana areas. From the particular challenges of Louisiana’s notably steep roofs to potential risks that come with air conditioners, pools and other structures that are near roofing projects, he knows exactly what to look out for — and what to avoid.

Chuck Magee: Roofing Advice

His consulting firm also understands roofing and construction from the perspective of the homeowner as well as of the contractor. Having completed a roofing project of his own home after a hail storm, he has first-hand experience of the inconveniences these projects can cause for his clients. This makes him a much more understanding and sympathetic consultant for those in the middle of a difficult roofing project.

From new roof installations to re-roofing projects, Chuck Magee’s is ready to be your go-to source for the expert advice you need. With decades of experience in the industry and in Louisiana, his unique knowledge will ensure that your roofing project goes as smoothly as possible.