When we improve our home in the Hammond Louisiana area although costly we get instant gratification. When we add a new bathroom, kitchen cabinets, or new flooring we are then inspired to paint, add new furniture and décor.  All these improvement have a way of making us feel better about our home. But when it comes to our roofs we really don’t feel a need to do anything unless our ceilings are stained from roof leaks. Always call a local trusted Hammond roofing company.

Hammond Roofing Company
Picking A Roofer

Hammond Roofing Company: Local Roofers

As a Hammond roofing company we know Roofing in the Hammond area can be a very expensive home improvement. Unless you do your homework you might spend more money than necessary and not get the results you were looking to get.


At Roof Crafters we like our Hammond area customers that have done their homework.  Roof Crafters recommends that homeowners looking to improve their home with a new roof do the following to make sure you are getting a reliable local trusted Hammond roofer:


  • Check out the roofing company’s website. A reputable roofing company like Roof Crafters, will have a very informative website.
  • The Better Business Bureau BBB website should be checked for the roofer you are considering using for your roofing project.
  • Make sure they are licensed in the state of Louisiana. Don’t just take their word for it, ask to see a copy of their license or you can check out the website lslbc.louisiana.gov where you will find Roof Crafters listed. If you don’t see the contractor listed move on, as this could be a very costly mistake.
  • A reputable roofing company should give you a copy of their liability and workman’s company insurance. These documents will protect you in the event of a tragic accident.
  • You will want to know the manufacture’s warranty as well as the roofing company’s workmanship warranty. All this information is very important because without a warranty you are on your own if a problem does occur. With a warranty the contractor will bear all cost for repairs that occur because of workmanship.
  • Check out the manufactures of the roofing products that are recommended by the contractor. You may get a cheaper price on your roofing project but are you getting a high rated shingle with a great warranty.
  • Get a contract that is signed and dated by the company representative with the price of your roofing project on it. This contract should include the company warranty and all other pertinent information.
  • Get clear information form the contractor on when full payment is due, which usually is when the roofing project is complete.
  • An established roofing company should be able to give you a list of hundreds of satisfied customers.

Hammond Roofing Company: Elite Trusted Roofer

At Roof Crafter we want the Hammond area roofing clients to be well informed when it comes to roof replacement.  When you invest in a new roof with the right roofing company you want to be assured that the company is standing behind their work.


Roof Crafters prides itself in customer satisfaction and customer recommendations. Roof Crafters has replaced hundreds of roofs in the Hammond area for multiple family members as well as multiple homes in neighborhoods as we have a high referral rate from our satisfied roofing customers.