How is Roof Crafters different?

Roof Crafters is one of the top roofing contractors in this area. The secret to our market leading position is our “Commitment to Excellence”. We believe it is better to take your time to do things right the first time then to “hurry, then worry” about poor craftsmanship. We are committed to our town and surrounding area to be the market leader in quality, responsiveness and value with each roof we install.

While our “Commitment to Excellence” may be easy to say, it’s much harder to do. We work very hard everyday to deliver beautiful new roofs, on time and at competitive prices. We hope that your visit to our website will portray our commitment to you and give you good reason to call us with your roofing needs. There is no obligation with our Free Estimates. We’d be honored to serve you.


At Roof Crafters, we’ve made a conscious effort to look at and evaluate ourselves the same way that you, our customer would. This means delivering on the trust and confidence you place in us to do the job right, on time and on budget with as little headache to you as possible. We not only want you to be completely satisfied with our work on the top of your house or business, but also with how we respect your property, your landscaping and our environment.

We take meticulous care to ensure that we have a small footprint in your environment as is necessary and utilize technology/equipment to reduce the amount of debris that can clutter your hedges, yard and surrounding area.

One of the things that makes this possible is The Equipter (seen at right), a specialized debris management tool that dramatically reduces the impact of roof-to-ground loose debris and also allows us to be more efficient, which we pass on to our customers in savings of time and money.

Roof Crafters uses only the best suppliers and material manufacturers, such as Owens Corning, Atlas Shingles, GAF, and CertainTeed to make sure that your investment gives you the most value for your money, but also more importantly will last.