There has never been a minor roof leak. A leaky roof can and does cause damage to your ceiling as well as your decking and insulation. Normally you would repair or even replace your old roof to stop the roof leaks. Now you have a better choice, a complete waterproofing system by Conklin Roofing Systems can save your old roof as well as thousands of dollars. Residential or commercial roof restore it rather than replace.

Residential or Commercial Roof Restore it Rather Than Replace
Conklin MR Waterproofing System

Restore Your Old Metal Roof Giving New Life to A Vital Home Component

A total waterproofing system, the Conklin MR will stop all roof leaks, prevent rust and give new life and longevity to your older metal roof. Using the Conklin MR system will waterproof your metal roof as well as give you a better E rating. The better energy efficiency along with another 20 years of like-new roof life makes for a great alternative to buying a new roof. If you have an old metal roof or have a client with a commercial metal roof or home metal panels, suggest a new waterproofing system to help with the cost of getting a property sold. Always consider a residential or commercial roof to restore it rather than replace it.

High-Performance New Roof Coating

Other than protecting your old metal roof from further damage, a waterproofing roof solution for metal and low slope roofs reduces the cost of future roof repairs, saves electricity and has strong hail resistant properties. The Conklin MR waterproofing roofing system will also help by making your roof a “cool roof” which could also have nice federal income tax benefits for your business. If you are in the Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Hammond to Slidell areas of Louisiana call Roof Crafters LLC to learn more about the Conklin MR complete waterproofing system. Roof Crafters offers this great alternative to replacing your old roof with a new innovative cool roof system.