Roof replacement Baton Rouge Hammond Slidell can be very stressful for homeowners. If you think you need a new roof, call Roof Crafters of Louisiana. Roof Crafters is your premier roofing contractor for all your major cities of south Louisiana serving, Baton Rouge, Hammond, Covington, Lafayette, Mandeville, Denham Springs and all other surrounding areas.

Roof Replacement Baton Rouge Hammond Slidell
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Roof Replacement Baton Rouge Hammond Slidell

When it comes to a new roof, roof replacement or new roof construction there are many types of roof types to consider. I have been asked many times in the past six months about adding a pitch to a homeowners flat roof and changing the style roof they have. This can be a costly roofing project but in the end can be very beneficial.

Roof Replacement Baton Rouge Hammond Slidell: Types and Styles of Roofs

There are many types of roofs available for homes. There is the mansard, the skillion, the gambrel, the saltbox, the combination, and many, many more. If you’re live in the Covington, Louisiana areas though, there are two main roof types your home may have: the hip roof and the gable roof. These two types of roofs are the most common in the state of Louisiana. Let’s go over each type of roof and why they are so popular.


First, is the gable roof, which is one of the more in demand styles. A basic gable roof is a roof with sides with the same size and angle that join at the top and basically looks like an upside down V. This type of roof is very straightforward and streamlined, which makes it less expensive and easy to build. It’s also very easy to keep clean, water flows off of it easily, and it has plenty of room. Most importantly, in the hot and humid areas of Covington, Louisiana, is that it has great ventilation. There are also many variations of the gable roof such as: cross-gabled roof, front-gable roof, side-gable, and dutch-gable. These different types are used according to the layout of the home.

Roof Replacement Baton Rouge Hammond Slidell: Other Popular Designs

The other popular roof design in the Covington, Louisiana area is the hip roof. This roof typically consists of multiple sides that slope down to the walls. If the home was square, you could imagine the hip roof looking similar to a pyramid. These types of roofs require less bracing than a gable roof and therefore are better for regions that regularly get hurricanes, although it is recommended to have a steeper slope on the roof in theses areas to fend off those strong winds. Unlike the gable roof though, the hip roof is harder to ventilate and has less space.


If you aren’t sure what type of roof you have and want to make sure you are properly prepared for the next storm, schedule a roof inspection with Roof Crafters now. The Roof Crafters team can make sure your roof is in good shape and properly braced so you don’t get caught off guard when the next storm comes through the Covington, Louisiana area.