My name is Chuck Magee and I have been in construction and roofing for over two decades now. I started this website as my blog to my roofing company website to be educational and instructive on roofing. I will be your roofing expert Baton Rouge and surrounding areas including Hammond, Covington, Mandeville and Slidell.

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Roofing Expert Baton Rouge: Roofing Advice

I will talk and blog as much as I can on common problems you might run into during a roof installation, things to inspect after the new roof has been installed, common problems that no roofer in Baton Rouge or anywhere else can foresee. I will walk you through the reroofing process and try to give you helpful tips for your new roof whether your house is in Baton Rouge, Hammond, Covington, Mandeville or Slidell areas of Southeast Louisiana. I have been in the roofing business for quite some time now and reroofed thousands of homes from Denham Springs Louisiana to McComb Mississippi but believe it or not I have only reroofed my own house one time. During the reroof project on my house I got a much deeper appreciation of what our clients deal with during a normal roofing job. It is very different when it is your home getting a new roof and at seven o’clock in the morning you have members of a roofing crew standing outside your window. I get this now and have changed the way we start a project each morning.

Roofing Expert Baton Rouge: Common Problems During Install

A few very common problems my crews or any roofing crew may encounter will be where your flower beds, swimming pool, air conditioner and yard objects are in relation to your homes roof. The reason you need to watch these things are if your swimming pool is near the back part of your roof you could get debris in the pool along with roofing nails that could be a big problem for your pools filter system. If you have a crew that does not have experience of if your trying to do your roofing project yourself watch the air conditioner. When you are doing a reroof project many homes in Baton Rouge, Hammond, Covington, Mandeville and Slidell in particular are very steep roofs. Roofing material is normally placed on the ridge of your home during the roofing project and can slide off these steep roofs and hit your A/C fan cage. You might not even notice that it got bent and if your not inside might not even notice that the fan is not turning and the next thing that will happen is you fan motor burns up and ruins your entire A/C system.